Tagliatelle with rabbit sauce, rocket salad and smoked ricotta


Tempo di preparazione

30 minutes

Tempo di cottura

15 minutes




First boned the rabbit separating it from the carcass and cut the meat into small pieces; then washed, washed and cut the vegetables into cubes, without mixing them. In a saucepan fry the leek, garlic and hot pepper with extra-virgin olive oil, then add the celery and lastly the rabbit meat, fry over a high heat and stirring constantly. While cooking, blend with white wine and add the tomatoes and all the aromas. Cook the spelled noodles in boiling salted water and drain when al dente. Take the Insal’Arte Rocket salad that is already clean and ready to use; then in a pan sauté the pasta together with the rabbit sauce and add the rocket. Serve creating a nice curl of pasta on the serving plate. Place a little ‘sauce on it, some leaves of rocket and complete with a grated smoked ricotta salata.

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