Sandwich with eggs, radishes, mayonnaise and green baby salad



Ingredients for 4 people:
• 8 slices of naturally leavened sandwich bread
• 100 g of Insal’Arte OrtoRomi green baby salad
• 8 hard-boiled eggs
• 1 bunch of radishes
Extravirgin olive oil
Salt and pepper


Peel the radishes and cut them into small rings. Place them in a small bowl and season with oil, salt, pepper. Slice the hard-boiled eggs and keep them aside. Lightly toast the sliced ​​bread in the oven at 180 ° C until the desired degree of browning, spread the mayonnaise on half of the slices, make a layer of radishes, one of hard-boiled eggs and green baby salad. Season to taste with oil, salt, pepper, close the sandwiches and serve.

A recipe created in collaboration with the Fior Fiore magazine.

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