Pumpkin cream, rocket salad and crispy cous cous


Tempo di preparazione

20 minutes

Tempo di cottura

10 minutes




Start with the preparation of the pumpkin cream: wash the pumpkin cubes and put them to cook with milk and a few leaves of thyme until it becomes soft. Soar and pepper and blend with an immersion blender. Meanwhile, prepare the cous cous by boiling a saucepan with 4 glasses of water and a nut of meat, when it boils off and add the cous cous and let inflate for 10 minutes in the covered pot. Then we shell the cous cous or stir to separate the grains and sauté in a pan with a little oil to make it crisp. Blend the Insal’Arte Rocket salad with a little oil until it forms a cream. For the serving, use a deep dish and pour 3 tablespoons of pumpkin cream, a few drops of rocket, the crispy cous cous and decorated with another rocket, edible flowers and cuttlefish ink to give a little color.

A special thanks to RicetteMagiche for the recipe.

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