Pasta e fagioli soup with P.G.I. Radicchio Variegato di Castelfranco


Tempo di preparazione

15-20 minutes

Tempo di cottura

1 hour and half


  • Insal’Arte P.G.I. Radicchio Variegato salad, available in a 200g bag, already washed and ready to be enjoyed raw as a side dish or as a base for dishes
  • 300g of ditaloni rigati or other variety of pasta as pleased
  • 200g of borlotti beans, if dry, to be left to soak the night before
  • Garlic, onion, celery and carrot for the sauté
  • 250g of tomato puree
  • Aromatic herbs (rosemary and laurel)

Doses for 4 people.


Let’s begin by letting the dried beans soak overnight. The next day, let’s rinse them and transfer them to a pot with plenty of cold water, laurel and boil them for about an hour and a half.

We then prepare a sauté with onion, celery and carrots. Once the beans are cooked, take them with a colander and add them to the sauté, with a ladle of their cooking water. Then add the tomato puree, salt and pepper and let it cook for about twenty minutes. Then add two more ladles of cooking water, take a small part of the beans and blend the rest. Then add the pasta together with three other ladles of the cooking water, together with the rosemary that we recommend you tie with a string and then remove it before serving. Then let it cook for the time indicated in the pasta package, season with salt and pepper if necessary and serve on a pan with a bed of P.G.I. Radicchio Variegato of Castelfranco to embellish the dish.

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