Grilled bread with lard, basajo cheese, chestnuts and P.G.I. Red Radicchio of Treviso


Tempo di cottura

5 minutes



  • Homemade bread
  • Basajo cheese
  • Lard in slices
  • Cooked chestnuts
  • P.G.I. Grilled Red Radicchio of Treviso by Insal’Arte


With the bread machine, prepare a loaf, following the instructions provided in the booklet. If the chestnuts are dry, cook them in the milk until they are soft. Grill the P.G.I. Red Radicchio of Treviso on the plate. Cut from the bread with a circle of circles that you will grill on the plate. In a bowl mix the cheese until it is reduced to a soft cream. Once the bread is grilled, place a slice of thinly sliced lard, a slice of bread, a layer of cheese, a slice of bread, the chestnuts cut into small cubes and some grilled radicchio leaves.

Recipe by SaporiInConcerto.

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