Rocket salad – Unwashed

Vivid appearance and a slightly spicy taste, it pairs well with meat carpaccio and soft cheeses.



rocket salad (100%).

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Unwashed fresh salad, to be carefully washed before eating. Please store the product in a cool place
Insal’Arte products are grown with Integrated Crop Management system that permit to cut down the use of chemical substances and to preserve the health of the consumer and the environment
From plastic, as from glass and paper, it is possible to give life to a new object, if given in the appropriate bins. Learn to differentiate and change our lifestyle, giving new life to waste
Suitable for a vegan lifestyle

Nutritional Values

(Average value per 100g)

Energy 85 kJ / 20 kcal

Fats 0,1 g of which fatty acids 0,0 g

Carbohydrates 0,4 g of which sugars 0,4 g

Fibres 2,5 g

Protein 3,1 g

Salt 0,60 g

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