Spelt and barley bowl

Enjoy a rich and complete ready to eat meal with spelt, barley, feta cheese, diced carrots and black olives.



65% spelt and barley, 15% feta cheese, 10% black olives, 10% diced carrots.

With extravirgin olive oil and soy sauce.



May contain traces of sulphur dioxide, celery, eggs, fish, shellfish and mustard.

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High quality ingredients for a ready to eat meal, to may be enjoyed fresh from refrigerator. A practical spoon and napking is included
Without any glutamate nor preservatives. Like a homemade side dish
From plastic, as from glass and paper, it is possible to give life to a new object, if given in the appropriate bins. Learn to differentiate and change our lifestyle, giving new life to waste

Nutritional Values

(Average value per 100g)

Energy 746 kJ / 177 kcal

Fats 3,1 g of which fatty acids 1,7 g

Carbohydrates 29,1 g of which sugars 1,0 g

Fibres 3,7 g

Protein 6,3 g

Salt 0,5 g

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