Mushrooms mix with Pleurotus and Shiitake

Mix of first choice sautéed mushrooms, it combines strong and delicate flavors of Champignon, Pleurotus and Shiitake and Porcini. It is a source of fiber.



Pleurotus ostreatus mushrooms, Pholiota nameko mutabilis mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, sunflower oil, chopped porcini mushrooms, parsley, garlic, flavorings, white wine, salt, pepper, ascorbic acid, tartaric acid.


More info

High quality selected mushrooms, source of fibers
In a pan: 4 minutes over medium heat while stirring. In the microwave, once the film is pierced: 1 minute at 750W. It is not necessary to drain the product
Without any glutamate nor preservatives. An homemade dish ready to taste
Please store this product in the refrigerator, in order to respect the cold chain
From plastic, as from glass and paper, it is possible to give life to a new object, if given in the appropriate bins. Learn to differentiate and change our lifestyle, giving new life to waste

Nutritional Values

(per 100g)

Energy  478 kJ / 116 kcal

Fat 10,7 g of which saturated fat 1,7 g

Carbohydrates 0,7 g of which sugar 0,2 g

Fibre 3,8 g

Protein 2,4 g

Salt 2,15 g

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