P.G.I. Radicchio

Insal’Arte is the only Italian brand that offers fresh cut P.G.I. Radicchio, with a high level of service content, in a refined package that evokes the preciousness and the excellence of the product.

The P.G.I. Radicchio Rosso di Treviso and the P.G.I. Radicchio Variegato di Castelfranco are the key products of Italian winter cuisine and derive from a unique process, where every phase of processing – sowing/transplanting, collection, forcing-blanching, trimming – is essential in order to guarantee the quality of the final product.

These traditional products express the rural culture of Veneto region. As strictly-established by the productive regulation dictated by the “Consorzio tutela P.G.I. Radicchio Rosso di Treviso e P.G.I. Radicchio Variegato di Castelfranco”, these winter flowers open thanks to the first frosts of November, emphasising their typical colours and flavours. OrtoRomi has been cultivating and selecting Radicchio for years, improving the quality of the product and guaranteeing the genuineness and the origin, identified by both the suffix P.G.I. and the label of the “Consorzio di tutela”.

The selection of P.G.I. Radicchio includes various fresh cut products, ready to eat or ready to cook.