La Venere


100% natural, without any colorants, preservatives nor glutamate

It contains a practical spoon and napkin.


17% Venere black wholegrain rice, 9% chickpeas, 12% peppers, 6% carrots, 6%aubergines, 6%courgettes, onion, extravirgin olive oil, salt, oregano, basil and water. 

May contain traces of cereals containing GLUTEN, MILK and milk products, SULPHUR DIOXIDE, CELERY and FISH.

Nutritional values:

(per 100g)

Energy  488 kJ / 119 Kcal

Fat 4,2 g of which saturated fat 0,5 g

Carbohydrates 26,5 g of which sugar 2,1 g

Fibre 1,7 g

Protein 2,1 g

Salt 1,01 g