A new line of ready to eat mushrooms

OrtoRomi presents a new line of high quality cooked mushrooms, which includes delicious varieties of mushrooms, including Shiitake and Champignons, prepared in a simple way, according to the genuine traditional recipe of sautéed. Ideal to keep in the fridge at home, to have a side dish ready to serve comfortably on the table or to create delicious recipes. A gourmet, practical and “green” choice, thanks to the 100% recyclable packaging.

In addition to the most well-known Champignons and Porcini, in the new OrtoRomi preparations, Shiitake and Pleurotus have been introduced, delicious and original mushrooms of Asian origin, which have conquered everyone’s palate, becoming highly appreciated also in Italy, where they are also grown today. They are distinguished by their particular goodness and special firm and fleshy consistency and also contain precious substances, with beneficial properties for the body: fibers, for example, which contribute to the correct functioning of the body and selenium which contributes to the normal function of the body immune system.

The OrtoRomi offer includes three tasty specialties, some characterized by more innovative flavor notes, others more usual, to satisfy different taste preferences: Shiitake Mushrooms, Champignon Mushrooms and Mixed Mushrooms.

  • Shiitake mushrooms

Top quality sautéed mushrooms with an intense, aromatic and unusual taste and a soft and fleshy consistency. They are a source of fiber. Available in a practical 250 g pack, fully recyclable.

  • Champignon mushrooms

First choice sautéed mushrooms, with a delicate and pleasant flavor. In addition to the champignons, the preparation contains fine porcini mushrooms. They are a source of fiber, vitamin B5 and selenium. Available in a practical 250 g pack, fully recyclable.

  • Mixed mushrooms

Mix of first choice sautéed mushrooms, it combines strong and delicate flavors; contains the following types of mushrooms: champignon, pleurotus, nameko, shiitake and porcini. It is a source of fiber. Available in a practical 250 g pack, fully recyclable.

Selected and of high quality, the mushrooms are sautéed according to the traditional recipe, that is seasoned with sunflower oil, garlic, parsley and a few other simple and natural ingredients; tasty and genuine, tradition takes advantage of the advantages of steam cooking which preserves the flavor of the mushrooms intact. Thanks to the absence of ingredients of animal origin, the three products are suitable for a vegetarian lifestyle.

OrtoRomi sautéed mushrooms are the ideal solution to save precious time in the kitchen: they are in fact ready for use! Just heat them a few minutes in a pan or in the microwave to enjoy all their extraordinary goodness. Born as a side dish, they can be used as a base for risottos, delicious sauces and condiments, inside the filling of savory pies, used to create new recipes, with original or classic combinations.

Once you have tasted the product, just differentiate the outer cardboard from the plastic tray and place in the appropriate containers, guaranteeing a new life to the waste!

The new OrtoRomi Mushrooms are available at the best supermarkets and hypermarkets, in the fruit and vegetable refrigerated counter.

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